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Smart portable monitoring

Vibsolas Gea is a wireless portable solution for monitoring and securing belongings, areas and people. Gea has multiple applications for consumers and professionals, from protecting your home to monitoring belongings at a construction site. See below for more use cases.


Easy to setup and use

Gea is a portable and flexible monitoring solution. It is easy to setup and requires almost no installation at all. Gea’s main unit is a cell phone sized device, which has a built-in buzzer, rechargeable battery, mobile GSM connection, secure wireless network and movement sensor. Wireless sensors communicate with the main unit and send information from motion to temperature changes.


Versatility and expandability

Gea can be expanded with different wireless accessories, and controlled from up to ten mobile phones. The sensors detect magnetic presence, motion (vibration, movement, shock) and temperature. They can be attached to any object (e.g. trailer, door, bag) within 50 meters from the main unit. The remote controllers can activate and deactivate the monitoring, and the optional call buttons send alarm messages when the button is pressed. Gea can even control selected third party GSM cameras via SMS control messages.


Designed for you

Use Gea to protect your luggage in your hotel room, or in an exhibition or a seminar. Or protect your car and trailer when travelling. Or use it as a full home alarm. Gea is designed for people who want mobile and flexible monitoring.

Use our mobile applications to make controlling even easier:
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A perfect solution also for small work places

You can transform Gea into a personnel alarm and call system (sold separately) for small business while simultaneously using it to protect and monitor your premises.


Use Gea to protect your employees and premises, and also to notify when new customers come in or use any of your equipment.


Package content and technical specifications

Gea (main unit)
Size: 110 (w) x 65 (h) x 33 (t) mm

Internal battery: 1800 mAh (rechargeable)

Operation time (without external power): > 24 hours (typical)

Power input: 5 VDC Micro-USB

Charger: Input 100-240VAC 50-60Hz, Output 1 A 5 VDC (included)

Wireless range: up to 50 meters

Mobile connection: Quad Band GSM 900/800 MHz, 1800/1900 MHz


Size: 50 (w) x 50 (h) x 18 (t) mm

Battery: 3.6 V 1/2 AA

Battery life: > 1 year (typical)

Detection types: motion, vibration, shock, angle, magnetic change and temperature

Remote controller

Size: 30 (w) x 62 (h) x 18 (t) mm

Battery: 3.6 V 1/2 AA Battery life: > 2 years (typical)

Operation: monitoring activation and deactivation

If you want to know more about the installation or the technical details, you can visit our support page.

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FAQ about Gea

What is Vibsolas Gea?

Vibsolas Gea is a next generation wireless alarm system, which can be easily taken to anywhere to protect belongings, areas or people. Gea is ideal to protect you and your belongings in unfamiliar places, but it also works as a proper home alarm.

What is the value?

Gea gives you the freedom to take a full featured alarm system with you to anywhere and use it for any purpose. You can easily use it to monitor your laptop at a hotel room or a conference, or to make sure your motorcycle is not touched.

What is so unique about it?

We packed all features in a such small device, that it can be taken anywhere. We also made Gea so expandable and versatile, that you are not limited of using it to one object (e.g. door) or as one application (bag alarm). Gea is also extremely simple to use. The setup takes only few minutes, and Gea guides the user with text messages.

What is in the package?

The sales package includes the Gea main unit, three wireless multipurpose sensors and a remote controller ready for use in just a few minutes. With additional sensors, remotes and personal safety alarms Gea can be easily expanded.

When is it available?

The product is now available. Check resellers or buy from our online store.

How much does it cost?

Gea is a quality design product from Finland. It is designed and tested in extreme conditions. Check resellers or buy from our online store.

Does it work with a mobile phone?

Yes. Gea’s main unit is a mobile device with quad band GSM. Gea sends and receives text messages, so it works with all mobile phones. You can additionally download our smart phone applications to your phone.

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What is the range of the wireless sensors?

About 50 meters from the main unit. The remote controllers and personal alarms have the same range.

Gea wireless range

How much can I expand Gea?

You can add up to ten wireless sensors, ten remote controllers and ten personal alarms. You can buy additional units separately. Additionally you can setup three third party GSM cameras, which accept SMS commands. Gea will send a message to them every time there is an alarm.

How does Gea alarm?

GEA has a built-in buzzer, which reacts immediately when any sensor detects movement, like when a door opens or a bag is lifted. The alarm is also sent to you and up to nine additional people as a text message.



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